Daniela Restaino Fitness

Group workout session in a park

Fitness Classes

Workout in the great outdoors with Daniela Restaino Fitness classes, a great way to stay motivated, focused and have some fun!

With classes tailored to suit all fitness levels and abilities this is a challenge for all.

Offering a range of training techniques and a whole body approach that can help with weight loss, muscle gain and everyday living, I will encourage and help you achieve your goals and strengthen your body and mind.

A friendly and social environment I’d love to see YOU at our next class.

Get ready to tackle the obstacles of your mind and body.

Hatton Boxing for Fitness

60 mintues

The benefits of boxing training are endless.

Whatever your goal, Hatton Boxing for Fitness with improve your strength and endurance, whilst being low impact on the joints but still give you a high intensity output.

Your fitness levels will improve and calorie burn will increase in a short space of time.

It isn't all just about the physical. Mentally, it will improve self confidence, provide you with a challenge and proves to be a great de-stresser.

5 rounds each for a whole body, focusing on technique, your core, legs, and cardio and much more, this class will leave you fighting fit in body and mind.